The Process

Wide Range of Colours

Aqualux currently has 16 colours in the range with more due for the upcoming summer.

Low Maintenance & Smooth

Nothing grows on Aqualux which means fewer chemicals, maintenance & running time.

No More Scuffed Toes & Togs

Unlike pebble & glass interiors Aqualux is silky smooth.  No more sore toes & pulls on swimwear.

Strong & Flexible

Aqualux will stretch 300% before it will tear! No more ground movement problems.

Any size or shape

Thanks to 3D technology we can ensure a perfect fit no matter how complex your pool is.

Peace of Mind

Locally manufactured for the last 40 years & backed by a 12 year manufacturers warranty.

Aqualux is silky smooth, low maintenance and insurable.  Any pool, any size, any shape.

Talk to your pool builder about the option of surfacing with an Aqualux Pool Finish.


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