replacement liners

The Process

Drain & assess

Drain the pool, remove the liner & any liner retaining extrusion that needs replacing, assess any issues that may be hidden beneath the liner & begin work on the pool shell.

Thought about adding steps?

Supply & fix any new ABGAL liner retaining extrusion required, grind & sand the pool shell to ensure a smooth finish against your new interior. Any surface cracks in your pool shell are then prepared & filled. Once the basics are done, any additional steps or benches required can be positioned & built. Preparation for tiling, re-grouting, etc.

Shell preparation is key to longevity

When you're replacing or renovating your pool it is a good time to make sure your old skimmer box is in good condition & not cracked and/or leaking. Replacement is much easier & cost-effective to do now.

3D Liners fit like a glove

When you have a 500kg liner in remote Vanuatu, you want it to fit perfectly.  3D technology ensures a perfect tailored fit every time.  Less complex pools are easily measured by The Aqualon Team.

Ground Tremors – No Problem

Not that we are subject to them in Australia, but with our extreme summers we are subject to ground movement which in turn causes pools grief.

Postcard Perfect – Bokissa Island Resort

While this wasn’t your average liner replacement, it shows what a combination of a great product & a great team can achieve.

Replacing your liner generally takes about 2 weeks from start to finish. Other companies may pre-measure the pool full of water and then empty & reinstall on the same day. We won’t do this because the liner cannot be perfectly measured full of water to allow for the floor. When replaced this way there can be too much stretch on the liner which results in a shorter life expectancy. The Aqualon Team will empty the pool, remove the liner & spend a day or more ensuring the shell is smooth for your new interior. Again this will increase the life expectancy of your new interior. Complex pools with fancy floors & complex steps have been made a breeze to cover thanks to 3D Liner technology.


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